About Us

We are fast growing cleaning company based in Lagos and serving our amiable customers for the past 6 years.


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Our story

Our Vision

To be a leading company in the cleaning industry in Nigeria, achieving this by offering services that will add value to every of our customer’s outfit and their environment.  

Our Mission

To provide first class laundry, dry cleaning, residential and commercial cleaning services to our customers and their environment.  


Who We Are

Changers dry cleaners is a laundry and dry cleaning services company, which also offers residential and commercial cleaning services in Nigeria. Our mission is to provide top-notch cleaning services to our clients in Nigeria, starting from Lagos State. We are a young and fast growing cleaning company situated in Lagos metropolis with a client base of over two thousand customers within and outside Lagos. We pride ourselves in the value added services we provide through quality, responsibility, reliability, affordability and good customer service within the period of our five years’ existence.

At Changers dry cleaners, we understand the worth of clothes and consciously ensure to treat and dry clean them with the standard of Royalties. As cleaning specialists, we use modern technology combined with traditional hand finishing techniques to ensure and guarantee satisfactory fabric care and cleaning for all clients. We use professional judgment in selecting the appropriate cleaning techniques for your items, ensuring the preservation of colour with the aim to sustain the longevity of your textiles, and give your garment and your environment a flawless look.

These are not mere words as we give extra hours to ensure cleaning your home becomes a paradise, your offices and its environment become a receptive place for the kings and queens of your business.  We provide high standard and prompt quality services to homes, hospital, hotels, offices and fabrics. Our response team are always on standby for all your orders and inquiries, ensuring we provide exceptional services to all our clients